Worldwatch Institute Staff


  • Ed Groark – Acting Interim President


  • Barbara Fallin – Director of Finance and Administration


  • Erik Assadourian – Senior Fellow & Director of the Transforming Cultures Project, Environment and Society Program
  • Jorge Barrigh – Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy Program
  • Kevin de Cuba – Senior Program Manager, Caribbean Program 
  • Julian Despradel – Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy Program
  • Robert Engelman – Senior Fellow, Environment and Society Program
  • Gary Gardner – Director of Publications, Senior Fellow, Environment and Society Program
  • Shashank Gouri – Senior Fellow, India Program
  • Philip Killeen – Research Assistant, Climate and Energy Program
  • Mark Konold  – Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy Program
  • Haibing Ma  – Research Associate, Climate and Energy Program | China Program Manager
  • Lisa Mastny – Senior Editor
  • Alexander Ochs – Director, Climate and Energy Program
  • Tom Prugh  – Senior Researcher | Co-director, State of the World
  • Michael Renner – Senior Researcher, Environment and Society Program  | Co-Director, State of the World 
  • Maria Gabriela da Rocha Oliveira – Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy Program
  • Preeti Shroff-Mehta – Senior Fellow, India Program
  • Anmol Vanamali – Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy Program
  • Wanqing Zhou – Research Associate, Food and Agriculture Program


  • Mary C. Redfern – Director of Institutional Relations

Marketing and Communications