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Table of Contents

Sources of Climate Change
Global Emissions of Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse Gas Sources, by Sector

Measuring Climate Change
The Carbon Cycle
Carbon, Carbon Dioxide, and Carbon Dioxide Equivalents
Global Warming Potential of Selected Greenhouse Gases
Top 10 CO2-Emitting Nations, Total and Per Person, 2008
Top 10 CO2-Emitting Nations' Share of Global CO2 Emissions,1950-2008
Concentration of CO2 in Earth's Atmosphere, 1744-2008

Consequences of Greenhouse Gas Buildup
Average Global Temperature at Earth's Surface, 1880-2008
Climate Tipping Elements
The 10 Warmest Years on Record, 1880-2008
Expected Impacts of an Unstable Climate by Geographic Area
Expected Impacts of an Unstable Climate on Fresh Water, Ecosystems,

Food and Agriculture, Health, and Coasts
Avoiding Dangerous Effects of Climate Change

Climate Diplomacy
The Diplomatic Road to Copenhagen

Climate Change Glossary
Glossary of 39 Key Terms for Understanding Climate Change


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