Worldwatch Paper #172: Catch of the Day: Choosing Seafood for Healthier Oceans

Author: Brian Halweil

ISBN: 1-878071-80-7
Publication Date: Nov. 2006
75 pages

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In Catch of the Day: Choosing Seafood for Healthier Oceans, senior researcher Brian Halweil explores how buyers of seafood—including individual consumers, school cafeterias, supermarket chains, and large food distributors—can reverse fishery declines and preserve the fresh catch of tomorrow.

At a time when global fishing regulations have proven ineffective in protecting fish populations, Catch of the Day is a refreshing reminder that we are not doomed to face an ocean wasteland "inhabited primarily by sea slime and jellyfish." Rather, a public that better understands the state of the world's oceans can be a driving force in helping governments pass legislation to ban destructive fishing, mandate seafood labels, decrease consumption of endangered fish, and create sustainable marine preserves.

Catch of the Day shows that being a more deliberate seafood eater doesn't mean a spartan existence; in fact, it could be the only guarantee that fresh and healthy fish continues to appear on our tables.