Worldwatch Report #173: Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace

Authors: Michael Renner and Zoë Chafe

ISBN: 978-1-878071-82-8
Publication Date: June 2007
56 pages

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In Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace, Michael Renner and Zoë Chafe examine the recent experiences of Indonesia’s Aceh province, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir, among others, and suggest ways to better integrate disaster and conflict responses.

The authors note that the human toll taken by natural disasters is increasing, adding to the list of deadly challenges faced by poor communities and countries worldwide. Recorded disasters nearly doubled between 1987 and 2006, while the number of people affected by these disasters increased more than 10 percent. Women, children, and the elderly are among those most vulnerable.

The report concludes that the intersection of disasters, conflict, and peacemaking requires interdisciplinary responses from governments, international donors, and civil society.