Worldwatch Paper #41: Men and Family Planning

December 1980
B. Stokes
ISBN: 0-916468-40-2
48 pages

Worldwatch Paper #40: Energy and Architecture: The Solar and Conservation Potential

November 1980
Christopher Flavin
ISBN: 0-916468-39-3
63 pages

Worldwatch Paper #38: City Limits: Emerging Constraints on Urban Growth

August 1980
K. Newland
ISBN: 0-916468-37-2
31 pages

Worldwatch Paper #37: Women, Men, and the Division of Labor

May 1980
Kathleen Newland
43 pages

Worldwatch Paper #36: The Future of Synthetic Materials: The Petroleum Connection

April 1980
Christopher Flavin
ISBN: 0-916468-35-6
55 pages

Worldwatch Paper #35: Food or Fuel: New Competition for the World's Cropland

March 1980
Lester R. Brown
ISBN: 0-916468-34-8
43 pages

Worldwatch Paper #34: Inflation: The Rising Cost of Living on a Small Planet

January 1980
R. Fuller
ISBN: 0-916468-33-X
48 pages

Worldwatch Paper #33: International Migration: The Search For Work

November 1979
K. Newland
ISBN: 0-916468-32-1
31 pages

Worldwatch Paper #32: The Future of the Automobile in an Oil Short World

September 1979
Lester R. Brown/ Christopher Flavin/ Colin Norman
64 pages