Worldwatch Paper #111: Empowering Development: The New Energy Equation

November 1992
N. Lenssen
ISBN: 1-878071-12-2
57 pages

Worldwatch Paper #110: Gender Bias: Roadblock to Sustainable Development

September 1992
J.L. Jacobsen
ISBN: 1-878071-10-6
60 pages

Worldwatch Paper #109: Mining the Earth

July 1992
J. Young
ISBN: 1-878071-11-4
53 pages

Worldwatch Paper #108: Life Support: Conserving Biological Diversity

April 1992
J.C. Ryan
ISBN: 1-878071-09-2
62 pages

Biological diversity—the ecosystems, species, and genes that together constitute the living world—is complex beyond our understanding, and valuable beyond our ability to measure. But it is clear that this diversity is collapsing at rates that can only be described as mind-boggling. Difficult as it is to accept, mass extinction has already...

Worldwatch Paper #107: After the Earth Summit: The Future of Environmental Governance

March 1992
Hilary F. French
ISBN: 1-878071-08-4
62 pages

Worldwatch Paper #106: Nuclear Waste: The Problem That Won't Go Away

December 1991
N. Lenssen
ISBN: 1-878071-07-6
62 pages

Worldwatch Paper #105: Shaping Cities: The Environmental and Human Dimensions

October 1991
M.D. Lowe
ISBN: 1-878071-06-8
69 pages

Worldwatch Paper #104: Jobs in a Sustainable Economy

September 1991
Michael Renner
ISBN: 1-878071-05-X
58 pages

Worldwatch Paper #103: Taking Stock: Animal Farming and the Environment

July 1991
A.B. Durning and H.B. Brough
ISBN: 1-878071-04-1
62 pages

Worldwatch Paper #102: Women's Reproductive Health: The Silent Emergency

June 1991
J.L. Jacobsen
ISBN: 1-878071-03-3
70 pages