Corporate Sustainability in Africa 2012

Event Date: 
May 23, 2012 - 12:00pm
Johannesburg, South Africa

Corporate Sustainability in Africa 2012 – Living in the Water, Food and Energy Nexus

This conference, hosted by Sustain Our Africa from May 21 -25, aims to provide a platform for business to communicate directly with local, regional and global experts who are already immersed in the Water, Food, Energy Nexus. Unfortunately events such as the World Economic Forum tend to largely exclude mainstream business, additionally most events that deal with Security (Water/Food or Water/Energy or any other combination of the three) tend to be run by government and NGO Lobby groups which also more often than not exclude mainstream business. The Water Food Energy Nexus is a global risk that will touch every person on this planet sooner or later. This conference aims to highlight the seriousness of the problem and explore potential solutions and strategies to mitigate and minimize the risks.

Worldwatch's Danielle Nierenberg is a featured speaker on day three of the event, in a session devoted to the issue of global food security. Nierenberg, who recently spent 18 months traveling in Sub-Saharan Africa, will speak from first-hand experience about innovations that increase farmer income, promote better nutrition, and protect the environment. Additionally, she will highlight the importance of meaningful - and unexpectec - partnerships between business, environmentalists, agricultural development advocates, food activists, and others.