Joel Nigg, Oregon Health and Science University

Joel Nigg has been a Friends of Worldwatch and Worldwatch Legacy Society supporter for many years. A professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon Health and Science University and an ardent environmentalist, Dr. Nigg believes that Worldwatch research and outreach resonates deeply with his personal philosophy to leave the next generation a gift of hope. Dr. Joel Nigg pursues his love of bicycling, hiking, mountain climbing, and camping from his home base in Portland, Oregon, but he relies on Worldwatch for the latest insights into the world’s environmental challenges and sustainability trends. Inspired by the breadth and precision of the Institute’s work, Joel is particularly interested in the interconnections between social justice and the environment that are highlighted in Worldwatch research in the areas of population, food and agriculture, and climate and energy. “Worldwatch helps get out the message that we need to look at social and environmental issues together as pieces of a larger picture,” Joel says. “Some groups focus on issues in a fragmented fashion, but Worldwatch provides a unified vision of how we can make progress as a society, and that we can solve more than one problem at a time. In fact, solving several problems at once is the real opportunity in front of us.” Joel notes that Worldwatch’s State of the World report and other publications highlight positive examples that motivate concerned citizens such as himself: “I can use this information to disseminate my own messages of hope and educate others about specific solutions.”