EarthEd: Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet, State of the World (2017)

Earth Ed

Released April 20, 2017

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With global environmental changes locked into our future, what we teach must evolve. All education will need to be environmental education, but environmental education cannot focus solely on teaching everyone to live just a bit greener. Instead, it will need to both teach students to be bold sustainability leaders as well as equip them with the skills necessary to survive the turbulent century ahead.

EarthEd, with contributions from 63 authors, includes chapters on traditional environmental education topics, such as ecoliteracy, nature-based learning, and systems thinking, as well as expanding the conversation to new topics essential for Earth education, such as character education, social emotional learning, the importance of play, and comprehensive sex education. Ultimately, only by boldly adapting education do we stand a chance in adapting to our rapidly changing planet.


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Pub Date: 
April 2017

1 EarthEd: Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet

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Erik Assadourian


2 Outdoor School for All: Reconnecting Children to Nature

David Sobel

Ecoliteracy and Schooling for Sustainability

Michael K. Stone

Education for the Eighth Fire: Indigeneity and Native Ways of Learning

Melissa K. Nelson

Pathway to Stewardship: A Framework for Children and Youth

Jacob Rodenburg and Nicole Bell

Growing a New School Food Culture

Luis González Reyes

The Centrality of Character Education for Creating and Sustaining a Just World

Marvin W. Berkowitz

Social and Emotional Learning for a Challenging Century

Pamela Barker and Amy McConnell Franklin

Prioritizing Play

David Whitebread

10 Looking the Monster in the Eye: Drawing Comics for Sustainability

Marilyn Mehlmann with Esbjörn Jorsäter, Alexander Mehlmann, and Olena Pometun

11 Deeper Learning and the Future of Education

Dennis McGrath and Monica M. Martinez

12 All Systems Go! Developing a Generation of “Systems-Smart” Kids

Linda Booth Sweeney

13 Reining in the Commercialization of Childhood

Josh Golin and Melissa Campbell

14 Home Economics Education: Preparation for a Sustainable and Healthy Future

Helen Maguire and Amanda McCloat

15 Our Bodies, Our Future: Expanding Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Mona Kaidbey and Robert Engelman


16 Suddenly More Than Academic: Higher Education for a Post-Growth World

Michael Maniates

17 Bringing the Classroom Back to Life

Jonathan Dawson and Hugo Oliveira

18 Preparing Vocational Training for the Eco-Technical Transition

Nancy Lee Wood

19 Sustainability Education in Prisons: Transforming Lives, Transforming the World

Joslyn Rose Trivett, Raquel Pinderhughes, Kelli Bush, Liliana Caughman, and Carri J. LeRoy

20 Bringing the Earth Back into Economics

Joshua Farley

21 New Times, New Tools: Agricultural Education for the Twenty-First Century

Laura Lengnick

22 Educating Engineers for the Anthropocene

Daniel Hoornweg, Nadine Ibrahim, and Chibulu Luo

23 The Evolving Focus of Business Sustainability Education

Andrew J. Hoffman

24 Teaching Doctors to Care for Patient and Planet

Jessica Pierce


25 The Future of Education: A Glimpse from 2030

Erik Assadourian


3–1 Using Food-web Ecology to Help Teach Sustainability

Dag O. Hessen

3–2 Teaching the Climate Crisis

Bill Bigelow

5–1 Anishinaabe Teachings

5–2 Ubuntu and Ecological Citizenship

Lesley Le Grange

8–1 Social and Emotional Learning and Climate Change

8–2 Well-being Studies in Thailand

8–3 Changing Leads: Social and Emotional Growth Through Equine-Facilitated Learning

10–1 Comics: An Effective Way to Educate About the Environment

Tetsuro Yasuda

11–1 Mapping Is Learning

Ali Değer Özbakır and Cem İskender Aydın

12–1 Teaching Big Systems Ideas

12–2 Big History Teaches Systems Thinking and Transforms Worldviews

Dwight E. Collins, Russell M. Genet, and David Christian

13–1 Pokémon No Go

14–1 Providing Environmental Consciousness Through Life Skills Training

Kei Franklin

14–2 The Value of Intergenerational Mentoring

Vanessa Timmer

15–1 Comprehensive Sexuality Education: The United Nations Definition

16–1 Running the Rapids

16–2 Student Activism and Training Within the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

Eve Bratman, Kate Brunette, Simon Nicholson, and Deirdre Shelly

16–3 Reframing Higher Education Around Ecosphere Studies

Craig Holdrege

17–1 Global Sustainability Through Local Heutagogy

Sabine O’Hara

17–2 Experiential Learning Helps Change Behaviors

Takako Takano

17–3 Education for Ecosocial Change

Rafael Díaz-Salazar

18–1 The Barefoot Model, by Bunker Roy

18–2 Community-based Education in Thailand

Mark Ritchie

18–3 Building a National Community Resilience Corps

Asher Miller

19–1 The Value of Broadening Access to Environmental Education

21–1 TEMA: Training Farmers in the Field

Ali Değer Özbakır

21–2 Adding Resilience to the Menu

22–1 Updating Engineering Standards for the Anthropocene

Michael Sanio

24–1 Maya Social-Natural Medicine

Monica Berger-González

24–2 Discussion Questions for Future Bioethics Courses