Vital Signs 2005 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Grain Harvest and Hunger Both Grow
  • Meat Production and Consumption Rise
  • Aquaculture Pushes Fish Harvest Higher

Energy and Climate Trends

  • Fossil Fuel Use Surges
  • Nuclear Power Rises Once More
  • Global Wind Growth Continues
  • Solar Energy Markets Booming
  • Biofuel Use Growing Rapidly
  • Climate Change Indicators on the Rise

Economic Trends

  • Global Economy Continues to Grow
  • World Trade Rises Sharply
  • Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Decline
  • Weather-Related Disasters Near a Record
  • Steel Surging

Transportation Trends

  • Vehicle Production Sets New Record
  • Bicycle Production Recovers
  • Air Travel Slowly Recovering

Health and Social Trends

  • Population Continues Its Steady Rise
  • Number of Refugees Declines
  • HIV/AIDS Crisis Worsening Worldwide
  • Cigarette Production Drops

Conflict and Peace Trends

  • Violent Conflicts Unchanged
  • Military Expenditures Surge
  • Peacekeeping Expenditures Soar
  • Mixed Progress on Reducing Nuclear Arsenals

PART TWO: Special Features

Environment Features

  • Mammals in Decline
  • Global Ice Melting Accelerating
  • Wetlands Drying Up
  • Forest Loss Continues
  • Air Pollution Still a Problem

Economy and Social Features

  • Socially Responsible Investing Spreads
  • Interest in Responsible Travel Grows
  • Global Jobs Situation Still Poor

Governance Features

  • Global Public Policy Cooperation Grows
  • Greater Effort Needed to Achieve the MDGs