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Sun, Oil
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World energy production from oil, 2003
148 quadrillion Btu*
Energy production from "new" renewable sources (excludes large hydroelectric power plants)
6 quadrillion Btu
Energy production from all renewables (includes large hydro)
33 quadrillion Btu
World annual average growth in wind generating capacity, 2000–2004
+28 percent
Annual average growth in solar photovoltaic generating capacity
+32 percent
Annual average growth in biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel) production
+18 percent
Annual average growth in oil production
+1.6 percent
Total increase in oil production, 1970–2003
+52 percent
Total increase in renewable energy production (excluding large hydro)
+269 percent
Annual government subsidies for renewables (European Union and United States)
~$10 billion
Annual subsidies for fossil energy (global)
$150–250 billion
Estimated number of jobs in new renewable manufacturing, operations, and maintenance, 2004
1.7 million
Jobs in oil and natural gas extraction (United States only), 2002
Sources: * British thermal units
Production: U.S. Energy Information Administration. Growth: Worldwatch Institute Renewables 2005: Global Status Report (wind); Paul Maycock/PV Energy Systems (solar PV); International Energy Agency (biofuels); BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2005 (oil); Energy Information Administration (oil and renewables). Subsidies: Renewables 2005. Jobs: Renewables 2005 (renewables), U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (oil and gas).