Sources and Resources for "Brave Nuclear World?"

Part 1:

Princeton University's Carbon Mitigation Project:

MIT report, "The Future of Nuclear Power":

Energy economist Doug Koplow's work on energy and nuclear subsidies:

Nuclear Energy Institute:

Synapse Energy Economics report, "Financial Insecurity: The Increasing Use of Limited Liability Companies and Multi-Tiered Holding Companies to Own Nuclear Power Plants," was commissioned by Riverkeeper and is available in a link at:

General Electric Nuclear:

NuStart Energy Consortium:

Part 2:

Union of Concerned Scientists' nuclear safety program:

Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

Nuclear waste disposal in Finland:

Nuclear waste disposal in Sweden:

Nevada State Agency for Nuclear Projects:

Union of Concerned Scientists' nuclear terrorism program:

Harvard University's Project on Managing the Atom:

New Economics Foundation report, "Mirage and Oasis: Energy Choices in an Age of Global Warming (the trouble with nuclear power and the potential of renewable energy)":

Worldwatch Institute's "Renewables 2005" report:

Rocky Mountain Institute: