Eye on Earth

“BRIC” Countries Top Many Industrialized Nations in Environmental Commitment
The so-called “BRIC” countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—all scored in the top 11 in a recent ranking of countries’ environmental commitments.

Increase in Grain Prices Affects U.S. Food Donations
From Illinois corn to Kansas wheat, U.S. grain crops are experiencing their fastest price hike since 1990. The rise in prices is being felt not only at the grocery store, but also in international food policy, as the costs of items commonly purchased for U.S. food aid programs have increased sharply

“Zero” Amazon Deforestation Possible by 2015, Brazilian NGOs say
Halting deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is the objective of nine Brazilian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have drafted an ambitious plan to stop clearcutting in the region within seven years.

Better Than Corn? Algae Set to Beat Out Other Biofuel Feedstocks
Forget corn, sugar cane, and even switchgrass. Some experts believe that algae is set to eclipse all other biofuel feedstocks as the cheapest, easiest, and most environmentally friendly way to produce liquid fuel.

Gas Flaring Wastes Resources, Pollutes Atmosphere
Every year, the oil industry burns off up to 170 billion cubic meters of natural gas released in the oil extraction process, according to a new report commissioned by the World Bank.

Crop Yields Expand, but Nutrition Is Left Behind
Farmers today can grow two to three times as much grain, fruit, and vegetables on a plot of land as they could 50 years ago, but the nutritional quality of many crops has declined, according to a new report from The Organic Center.

Despite Progress Against Trafficking, World Still Hungry for Exotic Creatures
Earlier this month, the Chinese government invited law enforcement officers from the Association of South East Asian Nations Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) to meet with counterparts in China to discuss strategies to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

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