The Greening of Labor

Photo courtesy Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege und Geschichtskultur
Germany’s historic Zollverein industrial complex, formerly the largest coal power plant in the world, is now a tourist destination.

"Green jobs" - high-quality employment in renewable energy and other environmentally sustainable sectors - are uplifting communities while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, jobs in fossil fuel industries, particularly coal, continue to decline.

Worldwatch reports regularly on the growing field of green jobs across the globe.

Countries Turn to Green Jobs for Economic Growth

February 9, 2009

The United States passed an economic stimulus plan this week, joining China, Japan, South Korea, and the European Union in a historic series of green job investments.

Opinion: Department of Green Labor December 22, 2008

Barack Obama followed through with his campaign pledge of change last week with the nomination of green jobs advocate Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary.

U.S. Election Brings Green Jobs in Focus October 29, 2008

In the United States, Europe, and United Nations, green jobs are being championed as a way to alleviate the global financial crisis.

Solar Offers A Future for Kenya's Youth August 5, 2008

An emerging solar energy industry offers green jobs in Kenya. Whether this growth will trickle down to the country's marginalized youth remains to be seen.

The Afterlife of German Coal Mining July 30, 2008

As German coal mining comes to an end, already-high unemployment rates are expected to worsen in industrial Ruhr Valley. Are green jobs the answer?

In Windy West Texas, An Economic Boom July 23, 2008

The center of U.S. wind energy development, Sweetwater, Texas, has undergone a major economic boom in the past four years. It may be a sign of green jobs to come.

Green Jobs Find International Support March 14, 2008

Citizens groups and government leaders are all singing praises for "green-collared" jobs. The movement may be the savior of climate change legislation.

Employment in environmentally sustainable industries is spreading worldwide - from Texas to Germany to Kenya.