Matters of Scale - Travels and Tribulations

Number of international tourist visits in 1950
25 million
Number of visits in 2000
698 million
Amount of money U.S. financier Dennis Tito paid per day to be shuttled by the Russians to the international space station as the first "space tourist"
$2.5 million
Average amount of money spent per day by each of the 467,000 tourists who each year visit the Maldives, where tourism accounts for 81 percent of the country's GDP
Projected number of tourists expected to visit France in 2020 (France is currently the top international tourist destination with 75.5 million visits in 2000)
106 million
Projected number of tourists expected to visit China in 2020 (China, which will soon be the top international tourist destination, saw 31.2 million tourists in 2000)
130 million
Number of international tourist trips expected in 2020
more than 1.56 billion
Projected growth in the human population in that time
1.5 billion
Number of permanent residents living in the U.S. state of Hawaii in 1999
1.2 million
Number of visitors who traveled to Hawaii in 1999
6.7 million
Average amount an international tourist spent per day in 1998 while visiting Luang Prabang, the former royal capital of Laos
Average daily income per person in Laos in 1999
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