Matters of Scale - Fit for Public Consumption

Amount of money U.S. drug companies spent on marketing in 1999
$14 billion
Amount of money the 12 largest drug companies spent on research and development that year
$19 billion
Amount that BP (formerly British Petroleum) is spending annually to market its new name and its new environmentally friendly image of moving "beyond petroleum"
$100 million
Amount that BP invests annually in clean energy (solar, wind, etc.) each year
$100 million
U.S. military sending on the war in Afghanistan
at least $2.5 billion
U.S. government spending on emergency humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
$0.320 billion
U.S. funding for Plan Colombia, which aims to halt illicit coca production largely through military funding and aerial spraying of herbicides
$1.3 billion
Share of this funding dedicated to helping Colombian farmers shift to legal crops
$0.081 billion
Wholesale price, per pill, Bayer Corporation charges for the anthrax-fighting antibiotic Cipro
Approximate price that generic drugmakers say they could profitably charge for making the drug
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