Matters of Scale - Paying a Price for Democracy

Amount bid (as of August 25) on the Internet auction eBay for the vote of one U.S. citizen who had put his ballot up for sale to protest corporate influence in politics
more than $10,000
Amount that the American Gas Association, the National Mining Association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and other business concerns paid to sponsor "America's Energy Texas Barbecue," a party for delegates at a U.S. political convention in August
more than $100,000
Turnout of East Timor's 439,000 registered voters for the nation's independence referendum last year, despite months of intimidation and threats of genocidal retaliation from pro-Indonesia militias
98.6 percent
Turnout of U.S. citizens of voting age for the 1998 Congressional elections
36.0 percent
Amount of money oil companies have "cheated" the U.S. government out of since 1991 by undervaluing the worth of oil they've pumped from federal lands
Amount of money oil companies donated between 1987 and 1998 to U.S. Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, who has voted successfully three years running against enforcing fair oil royalties
Number of people who watched the final episode of the U.S. television series "Survivor"
51.0 million51.0 million
Number of people who voted for U.S. President Bill Clinton in the 1996 elections
47.5 million
Share of the 69 million registered U.S. voters who, among other reasons, didn't cast ballots in 1998 because:
they forgot -> 5 percent
they didn't like the candidates -> 5 percent
they were not interested -> 13 percent
they were too busy -> 35 percent
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