Matters of Scale - Road Rage

Percent of surface area in the city of Los Angeles dedicated in some way to the automobile (roads, parking garages, etc.)
70 percent
Percent of surface area in Los Angeles devoted to parks and open space
5 percent
Number of people killed in Amtrak passenger train accidents in the United States since 1971
fewer than 100
Number of people killed every year in automobile accidents in the United States
more than 40,000
Number of deaths in the United States due to airline accidents in 1997
Number of pedestrians and cyclists killed in the United States by motor vehicles in 1997 (the equivalent of a commercial airline crash with no survivors every two weeks)
Number of people displaced each year in the United States by new highway construction
Number of Croatians displaced by war in 1997
Cost of fuel in the United States to drive 24,000 kilometers (15,000 miles) in Honda's 2000 Insight, which gets 28 kilometers/liter (65 miles per gallon)
Cost of driving that same distance in Land Rover's 2000 Range Rover, which gets 6 km/l (15 mpg)
Total vehicle kilometers traveled by automobiles in Japan, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom combined in 1997
2.6 trillion
Total vehicle kilometers traveled by automobiles in just the United States in 1997
2.4 trillion
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