Tom and Cathy Crain

Tom and Cathy Crain are longtime board members of the Worldwatch Institute and Tom currently holds the position of Board Chair. In 1998, Tom was reading State of the World when a reference to the Council of Supporters in the book caught his attention. He immediately spoke to Cathy, a longtime reader of Worldwatch publications, and they flew from their home in Cincinnati to Washington to visit the Institute. Since then, Tom and Cathy have generously supported Worldwatch financially through the Council of Sponsors and provided leadership as board members. Cathy holds a graduate degree in environmental studies and spent many years working in socially responsible investing. A West Point graduate, Tom worked at a Wall Street firm for 30 years and he points to unmanaged capitalism and the drive over the past two decades for unrestrained, unregulated globalization and economic growth as being incongruous with sustainability. Tom and Cathy refer to Worldwatch as “the premier think tank on global sustainability issues. There are lots of organizations and activist groups that are a part of the environmental movement, but Worldwatch provides information for everyone. In that sense, Worldwatch is an engine for the movement.”