Ramon Palencia-Calvo, Central America Fellow

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Department: Research
Title: Central America Fellow

Central America Fellow

Ramón joined the Worldwatch Institute in January 2012 with the Climate and Energy Program working on Low-Carbon Development in Central America. A native of Spain, Ramón is interested in the implementation of small-scale renewable energy projects and the role of renewables in promoting social and economic development in areas with low energy access.

Ramón has over seven years of management experience and has previously worked in the private sector developing and implementing sustainability strategies that create a green culture and foster eco-practices. He designed tools to reduce the hospitality industry’s impacts on the environment in areas such as water and energy consumption, waste, and chemical pollution.

Ramón’s extensive travels in Latin America have allowed him to discover firsthand the nexus between environmental degradation and human development, which prompted him to obtain an M.S. in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Johns Hopkins University with a concentration on Environmental Management. His thesis explored the intersection of climate change and human migration, highlighting the overlays of these two factors and proposing a framework addressing three key areas: adaptation, development, and relocation. Ramón also holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from the University of Maryland-University College.